Our commitment

“ To develop our activity in the most respectful way possible with people, the enviroment and adding value to the community.”

Fidel García & Isabel Pertusa



STUDIO ILANA S.L. has carried out a complete external audit of all its activity based on the lifecycle of the shoe and taking into account environmental, social, economic and cultural criteria.

To do this, STUDIO ILANA S.L has analyzed each part of the process that take place in the fabrication of the shoes until the end of its life.

The objective of this audit was to determine how the activity was developing and detect areas for improvement in order to develop a sustainability strategy based on it.


Corporate Social Responsability

STUDIO ILANA S.L STUDIO ILANA S.L. It has a Corporate Social Responsibility department from which it coordinates all actions such as donations and support for the different stakeholders. For more information contact through the following email with subject: CSR Department.

Equality Plan

Studio Ilana S.L has implemented an Equality Plan in the company. Although since its inception equality and respect for people have been taken into account.

Code of Ethics and Human Rights Statement

STUDIO ILANA S.L. has updated its Code of Ethics and has signed a Declaration of Human Rights. Both are available to all the stakeholders related to the business. 

Commitment with the objectives of sustainable development

Studio Ilana S.L had actualized his activitie in relation to the SDG and he has engaged to improve them. Actually, we are enganged with the following objectives, developing activities for each one. 

Carbon Footprint

We had requested the measurement of our carbon footprint for the past three years of activitie. We had received the certicication of the Goverment of Spain for this years. Our objective is to follow the measurement of our carbon footprint to improve our activity and make up for our footprint.